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Over a year ago The Loop's founder, Rachael, had an idea—to create a space where people could come together. A space where anyone is welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, abilities, or demographics. A space that would encourage social interaction and create new relationships. A space for the community. A space that is warm, welcoming, and safe.


Many brainstorming sessions were had—from walks with her neighbor bestie (and best sounding board ever), Katy, to meetings with city personnel, conversations with members of the community, alders, friends, family, realtors, and so on…


Through these sessions, many concepts and ideas were tossed around—an art center, youth center, roller rink/community center hybrid...and…finally landing on creating a flexible community space. We have so many ideas that we believe will enrich the community—art/music programs, indoor farmers markets, items on consignment, a kid’s corner, open mic nights, improv comedy, game/trivia events, live music, meeting/small event space, the list goes on....


We have found a space to create The Loop, located in Sun Prairie at 202 E Main Street, but we will need time, funds, and donations to get the space ready for public use.


Roller skaters! Don’t worry—we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re working on figuring out ways that we can bring roller skating to Sun Prairie. Whether it be pop–ups hosted by The Loop, programming through Parks & Rec, or fundraising to bring an outdoor rink to one of the Sun Prairie parks—we’re hopeful we’ll find a way!

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